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Diana Patton

Diana R. Patton, Esq, is the CEO and Founder of the Rise with Diana consultancy, and the Rise Advocates® Academy where she helps corporate women to speak up and advocates for themselves, to be seen, heard, and valued for their greatest work, so they get promoted and paid their worth. Diana’s experiences, as a former Civil Rights Attorney, Corporate Executive, and the hundreds of women she’s helped, provide the expertise to equip corporate women, and the organizations that they work for, to be more inclusive of the people that represent the customers and clients they serve.

Diana also founded the All Rise Live Global Summit, the Rise with Diana Podcast, and the Head Full of Dreams - a nonprofit to mentor 5th and 6th grade girls - all to further her global mission of helping women speak up, advocate for themselves, and do their greatest work.

Diana is the bestselling author of her memoir, Inspiration in My Shoes, and This Yogi’s Journey, is a sought-after subject matter expert and speaker, listed on the APB Global Speaker Network, and a TedX Speaker. She's spoken and provided consulting to several global corporations, and has over 10 years experience as a VoiceOver Actor, covering several global brands.

Diana holds accolades and awards for her work in mentoring girls ranging from 5th grade, to college student athletes. She’s been featured in several news outlets like Authority Magazine, Good Morning Washington, FOXDC and WTOL 11, Inspired Success Magazine, and Do the Thing podcast, to name a few.

Diana is a former college track athlete. She says “once an athlete, always an athlete,” as she is an avid yogi, cross-fit athlete, and lover of everything well-being. She’s married to the love of her life, David, and together, they have two adult children, CJ and CC.

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