The Rise Advocates® Academy, Winter 2022 Registration Self-Study is OPEN.


The Group-Study Registration period is January 6-January 17. Sessions begin Tuesday, January 18th, 7-8:30pm.

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You are a rockstar at what you do, and you’ve experienced some great success…

Yet, you don’t feel fulfilled, and your confidence is slipping because you can’t shake the thought that you should be doing something deeper than what you’re doing right now, or standing up for a cause that you believe in.

Sadly, instead of actively pursuing that secret dream, vision, idea, or nudge, you stuff it down and start self-sabotaging yourself, saying things to yourself that you would never say to a friend, and you start believing the:


Otherwise known as FEAR!



Some of you are struggling with unhealed wounds, family strongholds, and adverse childhood experiences that are showing up in your daily work, and causing you mental anguish, and you suffer in silence. Yet, you won’t speak up because of fear.

Worse than that, your fear starts to lie to you, with its persistent attempts to dumb you down, as if you have’t had to pursue bold and audacious goals and visions before.

The fact is, you have. Otherwise, you would not be where you are today.

We now have a new name: Rise Advocates® Academy  

Rise Advocates® are women who ... 



1. have already seen some success in their life and desire to make a larger impact in the lives of others.


2. are ready to rise up and pivot boldly and courageously into discovering, examining, and living out the call on their life, connecting to God or their faith, and consistently living for more than what they can physically see around them.


3. believe that self-care, social and emotional learning, empathy, inclusion, equity, diversity, trauma-informed care, mental health, and respect are not just buzzwords, but are crucial to successfully operating any business, institution, or school, and they are willing to live by these principles and advocate for them in their work.



4. are change agents who fully accept the art of being comfortable with discomfort, are willing to face their story, speak their truth, and transform their mess into their message, and who are willing to constructively and strategically fix broken systems that need to be changed.



5. are willing to take time to close the gap of women leaders and thereby mentor, serve, and help other young women by promoting the same principles with the ultimate goal of leading by example.



6. are willing to hold themselves accountable to staying true to these principles, and who agree to consistently engage with individuals who hold themselves to these same standards.


Fear did not stop these women who went through last year’s course, originally called the

Pivot and Rise Mastermind.


Meet the graduate class of

Rise Advocates®

Stop Wasting Time
Say NO to fear.

Here’s the thing, you simply need a guide and a group of like-minded kick-butt women leaders to help you bring out what is already inside of you. 


Are you feeling that?

The Rise Advocates® Academy is a group of highly charged, motivated women coming together to seek guidance, and go from secretly dreaming to actively pursing and unapologetically sharing their deep call on their life, and their life’s vocation, and advocating for themselves.

  • We’ll be inspired by one another as we shift our mindsets toward believing in our difference-making God given superpowers.
  • We’ll implement the necessary personal and professional business tools we need to activate and live out our work.
  • And we’ll strengthen our strategies to help us advocate for ourselves and for others.


Who is Diana?

Diana was born in 1968 into a complicated world, and a complicated family. She had a White dad and a Black mom - which taught her a lot about the complexities of diversity. 

She also learned early on how to advocate for herself. Her advocacy work began at 14, when she stopped her father from trying to molest her. 

What did she do? She ran. She didn’t run away from her dad, she started running track. 

For over a year, every time she slipped her foot into her track shoes, she’d find a note from her mom, encouraging her with scriptures and positive quotes. 

 “Mom's notes gave me the courage to go to law school.”


By the ripe age of 25, she had quickly started climbing the corporate ladder with Fortune 500 companies, and working her way up as an advocate and Civil Rights Attorney at a Fair Housing organization. Still, in her heart, she saw herself as a person whose ultimate purpose is encouraging women to stand up for themselves. In 2016, she had an epiphany - what if she started her own business, radically empowering women like her and inspiring them to say yes to becoming their ultimate selves? And that’s exactly what she did. These days, she uses her Rise Advocates® movement to help professional women overcome challenges and amplify their voice in order to better advocate for themselves, and for diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

On a personal side, she’s been happily married to a White man, her husband, David, for the past 24 years, and they have two beautiful adult children. Along the way, she’s won leadership awards, and has written two books, Inspiration in My Shoes and This Yogi’s Journey.

When George Floyd was murdered, she went into a deep depression and experienced severe anxiety. She lost 12 pounds, her throat felt restricted, she experienced severe and ongoing shaking and trembling and she always felt unnerved. She had a difficult time getting out of bed and lost her desire to live. She realized she had more layers of trauma to review and unpack. After several months of counseling (and she is still in therapy), she realized how critical her work was and the impact her work will have on so many woman, and especially Black woman.

We still live in a complicated world, and that’s why Diana’s work and story continue. Collectively, we all still have more work to do.

Are you picking up what I am laying down?

If this sounds like you, you’re ready to conquer the levels of mastery.

Why do you need the Rise Advocates® Academy? And why is now the greatest time ever to join?

We are living in the greatest time in HERstory for women to lead! PERIOD!

What you Can expect:

8-virtual modules with videos and handouts.

8 weekly virtual

check-ins, via ZOOM, every Tuesday evening.

Exclusive member access to private virtual group.

Support and community.

Access to special virtual features and bonuses.